Athlete of the MonthApril

Brandon Davis

Brandon's commitment to getting stronger has shown by adding oly and power hour classes into his weekly routine. His commitment has drastically change as his lifts look very comfortable and powerful.

Brandon constantly walks in a smile, he always tries to better himself on each workout, asks questions about techniques, encourages other athletes to work hard, always helping put away other’s equipment if he is finished, and he also runs Blue Bottle Coffee.

Get to know Brandon!

1.How long have you been doing CrossFit?

I’ve been doing CrossFit for almost 4 years


2. What’s your favorite CrossFit movement and or workout?

My favorite movement at the moment is the squat snatch becuase it’s a challenging movemnet and one that I am currently working to improve.


3. What’s your biggest CrossFit achievement?

Pull-ups! I was never able to do them before i started doing CrossFit.


4. How do you think you have benefited most from CrossFit?

Years ago i made a commitment to myself to always be striving to be the best version of myself. CrossFit has contributed to that in so many ways. Not just becoming physically fit, but mentally, emotionally, and socially fit as well.


5. One thing people do not know about you?

I’m a composer! I love classical music and enjoy writting music in my spare time.

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