Athlete of the MonthApril

Clyde Hagler

Clyde has be consistent since day one when it comes to working out. He always has a great energy being part of the morning crew. The improvements from day one is amazing to be part of!

Have you met Clyde?


  • How long have you been a member of Nela Athletics?

It seems like we just started, but it has been about 2.5 years.

  • What’s your favorite CrossFit/Ignite achievement?

Squats. When I first started, the ACL repair on my left knee was not kind to me. I still have a “ways to go” but I can see improvement!

  • What are three benefits that you have experienced through working out?

The obvious benefits are strength and endurance. The not so obvious one at my age is the mental benefit. For me, just trying to remember what I am supposed to be doing, counting reps, and all the while struggling not to pass out improves my mental stamina.

  • How has your life changed from when you first started to now.
The whole purpose of this is to continue playing volleyball with my daughter Christine. I was running “out of gas” because I was not pushing myself on the off days. Now I feel a renewed energy.
  • Have you had any physical changes that you noticed? 

 I went from 215 pounds to 190 pounds.  I am trying to maintain the 190 pounds with the Online Zoom Crossfit classes. Looking forward to Beach Volleyball soon.

  • What is your favorite part of the NELA Athletics experience?

Everyone making you feel like you accomplished something after every session.

  • What are some hobbies or activities you are into besides CrossFit?
Christine and I are Volleyball enthusiast. We would try to play at least 2 times per week for the last 15 years.
  • The zombie apocalypse is coming, who are three people you want on your team?

Christine, she has seen all the Zombie movies, so she would know what to do. The Nela Crossfit crew, you guys are tough, and Woody Harrelson. I liked him in Zombieland.

  • If you could be in any movie, what would it be and what character would you play?

Zack Barns in Side Out (beach volleyball movie) or Captain Ron in Captain Ron. I figured Ron (Nela) would probably take that role.

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