Athlete of the MonthFebruary

Maritza Austad

Maritza has been the example of no excuses! Going on baby number 3 she has been staying consistent with working out, and has been great asset to the NELA community!

Have You Met Maritza?


  • How long have you been a member of Nela Athletics?
I have been a member of Nela Athletics for over 8 years.
  • What’s your favorite CrossFit/Ignite achievement?

My favorite CrossFit achievement has been doing a pull up without a band. It took me a while to get them and I still continue to work on them, but my ultimate goal, would be to one day be able to do butterfly pull ups.

  • What are three benefits that you have experienced through working out?

Three benefits that I have experienced through working out have been overall strength, my health has improved as I have made changes to my eating habits, and my discipline and drive to always try to improve and keep pushing.

  • How has your life changed from when you first started to now.
My life has changed in so many ways the last eight years since being part of this great community and it’s all been for the better. I love being able to come workout not only to get fit but to wind down from a stressful day and just take the time to focus on myself and my well being. Working out is my outlet to just be in a zone and push to be better that day.
The physical strength I have built and proper way of lifting I have learned from being here has helped in my every day life with carrying around car seats, my children, and the good old how many things can I carry so I don’t have to come back to the car challenge.
The added bonus is also being able to be around so many great people and getting to know them. Plus not only have I made some of my best friends while being a part of Nela Athletics, I was also fortunate enough to meet my wonderful husband here and have two beautiful little girls.
  • Have you had any physical changes that you noticed? 
Well at the time being, weight gain is what has been happening but that’s because I’m pregnant :) , but in all seriousness, working out while pregnant has kept me healthy and strong which will all work in my favor when the new baby comes.
In the eight years I have been here my body has transformed in great ways. I got stronger, my body has toned up, and I’ve build muscle mass which I love!
This is my third pregnancy and like the other two times, once baby is born I hope to be able to build back my core and strength and continue to work on getting healthy and fit so I can keep up with our three kids.
  • What is your favorite part of the NELA Athletics experience?
There are so many favorite parts of the Nela Athletics experience that continues to keep me coming back year after year.
The wonderful community of people that come in on a day to day to support and endure the same tough workouts makes working out so much more fun. The coaches who help us push ourselves and believe we have it in us to push a little harder. And overall the adrenaline and excitement from getting through a workout.
  • What are some hobbies or activities you are into besides CrossFit?
I like being active, as does my family, so anytime spent either going on walks/hikes being at the park with my family is always a good time.
I also like spending time with friends and going to concerts and shows.
  • The zombie apocalypse is coming, who are three people you want on your team?

Paul, Addison, and Emery :)

  • If you could be in any movie, what would it be and what character would you play?

Erin Brockovich, nothing more inspiring than a person fighting for what’s right.

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