Bobby Balsama has been enjoying both the physical and mental benefits of
consistent CrossFit training for the last 15 years.

His coaching career began in 2012. Inspired by his own success as a proud graduate of SEAL-Fit Kokoro Camp 12 — a specialized training program that allowed Bobby to confront many of his fears and shatter his previous limitations. It was an experience that fundamentally transformed him. Throughout this journey, Bobby enjoyed the incredible opportunity to learn from, train with, and be mentored by some of the most fierce and dedicated athletes. Inspired to share with others his knowledge and love for the sport, Bobby draws on a principle discipline to always have compassion for himself and others as they continue on transformative journeys of their own. His vibrant enthusiasm for training (and for life!) elevate the positive energy of any tough workout.


  • CrossFit L1
  • CrossFit L2
  • Kokoro Elite Training

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