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Andrea Ns success story

Andrea N

I greatly appreciate having a space where I can zone out and unplug from the world. Being placed in a literal box of a gym to push yourself physically and mentally has led me to believe I also have quite the spiritual experience in the gym....

Liz Gs success story

Liz G

From when I first started at NELA to now, I have definitely grown as a whole. I am happier, stronger and more at peace with myself....

Luis Rs success story

Luis R

NELA taught me to challenge myself daily! As a result I've become more courageous and confident....

Michelle Ss success story

Michelle S

This past year was tough with bell palsy, a death of a student, and home/family issues. Mentally, NELA has been my saving grace- I can come in and  just focus on myself for an hour. Michelle S....

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