NELA Open 2020

Recap of the 2020 CF Open

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Event Date:November 13th, 2019 12:00 am

Congratulations to everyone for giving your all and surpassing what you thought was possible! Until next year ✌️

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Fit Aid



Core Extreme Nutrition

Rx Men

1st Paul A.

2nd Chester R.

3rd Wes M.

Rx Women

1st Jenn S.

2nd Sarah G.

3rd Charley G.

Intermediate Men

1st Andy W.

2nd Peter V.

3rd Dana B.

Intermediate Women

1st Sonia C.

2nd Erin B.

3rd Noreida C.

Novice Men

1st Michael O.

2nd Garry L.

3rd Phone L.

Novice Women

1st Christine H.

2nd Amy P.

3rd Katy Y.

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