2400 sit ups challenge

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Event Date:September 1st, 2019 12:00 am

For the month of September there will be challenge of completing 2,400 sit ups in the month.


Sit up break down

160reps every other day

80reps per day

60reps 5 days a week

We have a goal of 60,000 sit ups as a gym.  Feel free to hold your self and peers accountable by posting a photo/video tagging your friends using the hashtag #nela2400 #justshowup #itsanelathing

How to do a sit up

Abmats are a simply designed tool that is basically a piece of covered foam and board with a 30 degree sloping arch in it.  This arch is designed for your lower back so when you perform a sit up over it, it supports your spin through the movement causing you to utilize the full range of motion in your abs.  This requires more effort to do, making it a more effective workout.