Nela Open Recap

Nela Open Recap

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Event Date:April 2nd, 2019 12:00 am

2019 Nela Open Recap

Congratulations to all of you that came through every week and gave it your all.

The Open is always challenging, no matter if your an experienced CrossFitter or someone brand new to it. The anxiety of not knowing what the workout will be and performing in front of our “Friday Night Lights” crowds makes it all worth it!


Men’s Novice

  1. Ron S.
  2. Michael O.

Women’s Novice

  1. Michelle S.
  2. Amy P.
  3. Liz G.

Men’s Intermediate

  1. Andy W.
  2. Uriel S.
  3. Bryan T.

Women’s Intermediate

  1. Charley G.
  2. Noreida C.
  3. Cynthia S.

Men’s Rx

  1. Paul A.
  2. Myke O.
  3. Wesley M.

Women’s Rx

  1. Dejah O.
  2. Sarah G.
  3. Jenn S.