“It’s Gotta Be The Shoes”

Our feet are an essential part of daily life, let alone working out. Having the right footwear to protect your feet is the key. Most athletes go-to is running shoes. Which, if you’re running late because of traffic or just life in general and that’s all you have in the car, it’s perfectly fine, but if you’re really serious about getting fit and staying injury-free, you probably want something a little more specific. Let’s dig in to see what shoes are best recommend for working out depending on your particular gym needs.


Best Shoes For Running

Running shoes are built for heel-to-toe movement and the higher heel drop in running shoes comes from added support and cushioning. For the people with flat feet, shoe companies make specially tailored motion-control shoes that are heavy, stiff, and less flexible. These shoes offer a greater support to the inner part of the feet. Some athletes with flat feet might have a pronation problem. Pronation is the way your feet roll when you run or walk. It is basically the inward rolling motion of the joint located below the ankle. For higher arched feet, there are neutral shoes that are very flexible and have extra cushioning. For the feet with a normal arch, there are shoes with moderate arch support and midsole cushioning.

Best Shoes For CrossFit

CrossFit shoes are designed to have your foot feel like it’s on the ground, not on a cloud or a marshmallow, stability is key. Muscle gain does not just means biceps and quads, you want your foot to get stronger as well, and wearing shoes that have your feet closer to the ground will allow your feet to do so. You always hear a coach yelling stay on your heels, when it’s hard to do when your running shoes are designed to put you on your toes. Shoes that are designed specifically CrossFit keep that drop to a minimum, preventing you from pitching forward onto your toes during your lifts. A firmer sole allows better transfer of energy and stability when squatting, cleaning, deadlifting, and snatching, a soft, squishy soles in running shoes will mute your power and create an unstable surface especially on the days you want to hit a PR.

Best Shoes For Weightlifting

Some of us like to throw around a barbell, but when it gets heavy often times mobility becomes the problem. Weightlifting shoes is a great investment for weightlifting. The most recognizable shoes are designed for Olympic lifts. Example’s are the snatch and the clean and jerk, which have thick soles and high, solid heels. The shoe’s are designed with a raised heel which allows for a deeper squat while still staying upright through the torso also increases balance and ankle and shin mobility.That does not mean totally abandon your normal workout shoes to gain flexibility. Yes, weightlifting shoes are great but you do not want to depend on them just to get in a good squat position. On the other end of the spectrum are flat-soled shoes, which are ideal for deadlifts because they will maximize a your contact with the ground and can really drive through your heels.

With that being said, there is a time and a place for each of the shoes, it all depends on the work out.  If you’re doing the hero wod Murph, you are running 2 miles in the workout, running shoes are great. Another popular workout is Fran, 45 thrusters and pull ups in total, weightlifting shoes would be a benefit in the squat position. Finally, Diane, a total of 45 deadlifts and handstand push ups, perfect time to pull out the CrossFit shoes. Having all three will allow you to maximize your fullest potential.


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