Nela Olympics Leaderboard

Event 1 Part A

For Time
400 Meter Run
40 Air Squats
30 Sit-Ups
20 Push-Ups
10 Burpees

Event 1 Part B

3 min
Max DU




Event 2 Part A

Max Unbroken Push ups
Rest 3-5 Min
Max Wall Sit
Rest 3-5 Min
400m Sprint
2 minute Max distance run


Event 2 Part B

Death By
Plank Up Downs
30 sec plank on Elbows
30 sec plank on Hands




Event 3

5K Run
3.1 Mile run record
L2: 2.5
L1: 2.0
Goal is 30 minutes or under
Rx: 9 minute mile average
L2: 11 minute mile average
L1: 14 minute mile average



Event 4 Part A

Max Sit ups 4min


Event 4 Part B

300x Double Unders
200x Box Step ups
100x squats



Event 5

For time
Run 1 mile
60x Push-ups Scale Knees
40x Box/Ring dips
20x Handstand push-ups Scale pike
20 x (10x/leg) Pistols
20x Handstand push-ups
40x Box/Ring dips Rx:leg extended scale: Bent legs
60x Push-ups
Run 1 mile




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