No Kip November

What is No Kip November?

For the month of November you will be challenge to go through your workouts without kipping! That means strict pull ups, muscle ups, ring dips, handstand push ups, toes to bar, and any other movement that you could kip too.

Yes your WOD times most likely will be slower than usual, but one month of building up the correct muscle groups will make it all worth it!


We define fitness in CrossFit as your demonstrated work capacity over broad time and modal domains. Work equals the force required to move an object or your body multiplied by the distance it travels divided by the time it takes to complete the movement. So if you can decrease the amount of time it takes you do pull-ups, handstand push-ups or muscle-ups then your demonstrated work capacity has gone up.

Increased work capacity is great but not at the expense of strength. Nor is increasing strength at the cost of work capacity. What’s awesome about gymnastics movements is the better you get at the strict movement the easier the dynamic (kipping) versions will be.


 Common things said by athletes “I have a love/hate relationship with strict gymnastics movements. I see the benefit in them but they are so hard to do and that gets a little frustrating.” For example: “I think I can manage about 7-10 strict pull-ups (really probably 3 or 4 if I maintain a hollow body position while doing them), but I can knock out between 25 and 30 kipping pull-ups.” “This is because I’ve spend much more time working on my kipping and have pretty good technique. I use my entire body to do the work and am pretty efficient.”

Imagine how many kipping pull-ups you be able to do if you could do 20 strict pull-ups. Developing strict gymnastic strength is so important to your overall fitness. It develops body awareness and control as well as being very impressive to watch.


Building muscle and foundational strength is key for any level of fitness and sport. While both pull-up movements are similar (kipping vs strict), strict pull-ups will work to develop the concentric, isometric, and eccentric muscle actions through the range of motion trained. Kipping pull-ups have a tendency to decrease the amount of strength and force production needed to complete the movement because of the kip motion propelling the body upwards (via hip extension).


With that said, athletes and coaches who are looking for increased body mechanics, awareness, muscular and grip endurance, and specific gymnastics or competitive fitness skills; the kipping pull-up is a necessity for overall development of an athlete.

I know there is a culture of kipping being the cool thing to do. But what if we changed that and developed a culture of strength and strict movements and just used kipping in specific circumstances? Like the your local competition or even the CrossFit Open. We’d be stronger, have better body control and kipping would be even easier.

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