LOS ANGELES: We are looking for 15 people who want change!

Look and feel younger, vibrant and happier than ever before!

What is this “Ignite Nutritional Challenge”?

Our BootCamp Ignite class is designed to introduce you to the fundamental movements and core concepts of “Functional Exercise”. These types of exercises are full body and they illicit an increased positive response in your body! You will feel stronger, confident, younger and full of energy! In addition to losing unwanted fat and toning up, you will be more capable and able to perform outside the gym in whatever activities you desire. But the real benefits of doing our program is the regenerating effects in your body that unleash the “fountain of youth”! You will look and feel younger, vibrant and happier than ever before!

Once you go through the Nutrition challenge and Ignite H.I.I.T. Bootcamp, you will be much better prepared to take on new challenges and enter our high-quality Lifestyle CrossFit program.

In Ignite classes and during the challenge, we don’t put an emphasis on your scores like the competitive version and instead we focus on your personal development as an capable and healthy person.


At Nela Athletics, we take pride in guiding our members to new heights in their physical and mental fitness. We don’t offer cookie-cutter programming because everyone is so different. Safety is our priority and our team has the experience and training needed to help you meet your goals, no matter what they are!


  • Meal plan and guidance from our coaching staff
  • Weekly e-mail check ins
  • 1 Goal Setting Consultation
  • Six (6) weeks of Unlimited Ignite Classes
  • Access to the most experienced coaching staff in Los Angeles
  • Access to one of the largest fitness community support group in Los Angeles

Success Stories

“The program has finally helped me succeed in makin gexercise a daily habit. I wake up every morning and start my day by moving my body because it makes me feel good!”

– -Eric K.

“The team is very supportive and super invested in our success and helping us reach our individual goals. It was a great kick start to get us re-focused on our health and physical fitness goals.

We highly recommend the nutrition challenge!”

– Delaney and Jake

“I’m excited with the progress so far, and its truly changed my life. I was stuck in a rut thinking this baby weight would NEVER come off…but it has and is…and any progress is great progress. I’m going to keep on with the challenge as a lifestyle now. Dairy and grain free has really made such an improvement, its unbelievable.”

– Steph S.

“The knowledge I gained from this experience is priceless. The Coaches provided us with the tools and motivation that we can apply even after the challenge.

I notice my body actually has muscle under all my flab. I really saw a difference in my body definition something I didn’t think I could attain at my age. My advice is follow every single detail from the Coaches. You may not like it, but believe me, it’s a game changer.”

– Nelson A.

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