How to Start

Looking for motivation, support and structure?

On Ramp Special

The Couch to Lit Training Option!

Over 30 Personal Training classes included!

1st month = $489 (8) 30 minute personal training sessions (PT) Unlimited Ignite - Boot Camp classes, Unlimited Lit Training classes (After completing first 5 PT sessions)
Months 2-6 (5 months total) = $399 (5) 30 minute personal training sessions, Unlimited classes
  • Looking to start a fitness routine
  • Need some extra support and guidance
  • One on one coaching to teach you the movements
  • Fun class experience




Nela 5 - Personal Training starter package for classes

Save over 25% with the Nela 5!


  1. (5) 30 minute personal training sessions (PT)
    1. Let us guide you back in to your fitness regiment.
  2. After 5 PT sessions classes for rest of the month included!
  3. Regular price is $519, a $160 savings.


We motivate and support people like you lose weight, teach you proper form and safety, along with helping you gain strength and feel amazing.  

We use multiple approaches to help you through this journey with personal training, HIIT and Lit Training classes, along with nutrition coaching in a friendly gym.

Personal Training

Looking for 1 on 1 attention?


Gradual Approach

  • Newly starting or just looking for additional coaching.
  • Training 1-2x per week


Accelerated Approach

  • All in package in need a directions and focused training.
  • Training 3-5x per week


Training options to meet your goals.

  • $95/(1) hour session
  • Progress – Buy 10 sessions get 2 free $950
  • Transformation – Buy 19 sessions get 5 free $1805

Trust in us, we want to support you!

Get the motivation back, meet with one of our team members to learn how.

Group Classes

Lit Training

Functional Fitness with Coaching!


  • 12-month commitment: $189 per month
  • 13 classes a month: $199 per month

Hybrid Options

Group Classes + Private Training

$170 per month Four (4) 30-minute personal training sessions per month
$90 per month Two (2) 30-minute personal training sessions per month
  • On your schedule, individualized programming, skill development
  • Goal setting, work at your own pace
Andrea Ns success story

Andrea N

I greatly appreciate having a space where I can zone out and unplug from the world. Being placed in a literal box of a gym to push yourself physically and mentally has led me to believe I also have quite the spiritual experience in the gym....

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Smash Your Fitness Goals!

Parties / Events

90 MIN

First 15 athletes $399
Additional 5 athletes $85 additional
  • Kids Fitness
  • Adult Lit Training
  • Corporate Events
  • Team Building

**Couples and family members will receive 7.5% off each CrossFit membership, kids membership discount already applied**

**Fire, Police, Military and Full time undergraduate students (must show ID) will receive 10% discount on membership**

Experience Functional Training athlete?

Send us a note and we can meet to discuss next step options.