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The “classic” combination of high-intensity circuit training, Olympic-style weight lifting and gymnastics that took the fitness world by storm. It’s tough — this is what active duty firefighters and military members do to keep in shape. Movie stars playing superheroes use it to stay jacked. And at the same time, grandmothers use it to make sure they can keep up with the little ones.

There’s no need to be a superhero. Every workout is adjusted to where you’re at. Each class features a custom warm-up, dedicated time to focus on developing a specific skill, and then the WOD — workout of the day. That’s usually about a 10-20 minute combination of movements designed to bring out everything you ever thought you had in you… and then some.

  • Love love love this place.

    No lie, walking in I was SUPER intimidated, but everyone there is there to help you out. No one is there to judge (unlike some gyms I go to). The work

    cristina k
  • Fantastic...

    The coaches, the workouts, the members, the support, the facility, the prices, the results... I came in very uncomfortable in my own skin and terrified of

    jessica g.
  • A bright point of my day.

    Great people and coaches. If you ever found yourself getting bored at the 24 Hour Fitness, you won't here! Consistently challenging in the best way. Do you

    jesse d.
    Jesse D.s success story


Nela 5 - Personal Training starter package for classes

Save over 25% with the Nela 5!


  1. (5) 30 minute personal training sessions (PT)
    1. Let us guide you back in to your fitness regiment.
  2. After 5 PT sessions classes for rest of the month included!
  3. Regular price is $519, a $160 savings.

Lit Training

Functional Fitness with Coaching!


  • 12-month commitment: $189 per month
  • 13 classes a month: $199 per month

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