Self Love

For the month of February it is all about self love!

Your challenge for February is to spend 15 minutes a day using a foam roller or a lacrosse ball.

Below there are a couple of benefits of foam rolling or using a lacrosse ball

  • Improve movement patterns

Instead of releasing a muscle that feels tight, we can to use a roller to get people to move better. For example, rolling on a tight hip flexor will help the glutes activate and perform better.

  • Help with repairing tissue

You can help to boost supply of nutrients to damaged muscles to accelerate tissue repair

  • Reduced DOMS

Using a foam roller can keep tired and torn muscles more supple than they’d otherwise be, while reducing Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness.

  • Preparation

Using a foam roller pre-workout can help ensure that you’re moving better

  • Focus pre-workout

Using a roller pre-workout will help with mental preparation. Rolling over key muscle groups before exercise can help to increase cognitive awareness and focus.

  • Relaxation

If you hold pressure into tissue and sustain that pressure for a period of time, between 30 to 90 seconds, you engage the nervous system reflex for relaxation

  • Chronic pain reduction

Speaking of pain reduction, using a foam roller can also be effective in alleviating long-term chronic pain too

  • Flexibility/mobility improvements

Rolling a muscle will help its surfaces and connective tissue slide across each other better, which will help with overall mobility.

  • Wake up easier

For those who aren’t morning people, foam rolling can help you wake up more easily each day.

Here are a couple of exercises for each item

Foam Roll

Lacrosse Ball

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