Welcome Coach Sarah Spring

I was convinced into trying CrossFit by two of my friends who coached back in Michigan in 2012. It became a passion of mine instantly and I got my L1 and nutrition certification and started coaching shortly after. I grew up playing sports; track, soccer, and lacrosse through high school and played basketball in college. I was always more interested in the conditioning and movement aspect than the actual sports. I moved from Michigan, to Portland OR, to Phoenix AZ, to LA and am fortunate to have coached in each place I’ve lived. In my free time I love being outdoors, hiking, long boarding, playing frisbee, mountain biking, and going to the beach. I plan  to go back to school to study addiction science while I continue to coach and enjoy my passion for fitness. Helping others establish, work towards, and reach their health and wellness goals through CrossFit is extremely rewarding to me and am happy and excited to be part of the Nela community.

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