As the old saying goes, “you can’t out-exercise a bad diet.” But what IS a good diet?

Healthy choices are a decision that take conscious efforts.  We can help guide your nutrition habits with regular one on one meetings.

We also offer regular community “Nutrition Challenges” that will teach you what works and keep you on track. Shed body fat, gain muscle, and have the numbers — and body — to prove it!

  • Busy with work, high stressed dad finds his one hour

    Brent runs his own business and found CrossFit through a friend. He jumped right in and after a few years has continued to make progress and find new heig...

    Brent Kiser

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    Brent Kisers success story
  • The Mother/Daughter workout duo!

    This power team of ladies has shown how to lose weight, gain muscle and have more energy doing it together. Talk about having a connection with your dau...

    Day and Dejah Ortega

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  • The constant inner fight of a foodie!

    Justin has been doing CrossFit for over seven years, loves food and found himself in dire straights staring at a mirror. Today, he's leading by example and...

    Justin Sevakis

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    Justin Sevakiss success story
  • Losing that baby weight after giving birth!

    Here's a mom who worked out up until a week before giving birth to her second child and how she lost her baby weight after birth!...

    Noreida Castro

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    Noreida Castros success story

Personal Training in Eagle Rock

If you’re just getting back to the gym after taking a few years (or decades) off, you’re in the right place.

Most of our members are busy professionals who understand how hard it can be to stay on track. Together, we form a strong community and support system. And if you’re just learning the ropes to fitness and nutrition, you won’t find better coaches anywhere else!

We guide you through a one on one experience that is suited for you to learn how to move safely for everyday life.


Pricing Options

$50 - 30 Minutes || $80 - Hour session


Join our awesome community by scheduling your free trial class now!

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