What is Nela Athletics?

Nela Athletics is more than a CrossFit Gym

Let’s dive into our Box Guide Lines and see what they really mean.

  • This a community. Not a gym support others!

Ever go into 24 hour fitness or LA fitness and all you see is people with headphones on doing their own thing and going home, being a community starts with communication and getting to know everyone, who knows you might find your next best friend or lover.

  • Arrive early, stay late! Cheer others on!

One positive thing about arriving early is that you are never late! Some of us might have a specific body part or muscle group that needs extra attention before you get into the WOD which is another reason to come in early, or it can just be to help cheer on the previous class. Staying late is a great time to talk with members or coaches on how you felt with the days WOD or just want to kick back and socialize.

  • Egos are left at the door.

No one wants to be around that “guy” who thinks they are better than someone else just because the can run faster or lift more than the next person. The same way they cheer for you is the same way you can cheer for them.

  • Introduce yourself

This is a community if we are going to sweat together we might as well get to know each other. Especially when it comes to a new member, be open and welcoming, we all did something for the first time and felt out of our comfort zone.

  • Chalk is for hands not the floor!

Cleanliness makes for a better gym. Everyone knows chalk makes you stronger so let’s keep it for our hands and nothing else.

  • Keep track of you WOD, be honest. Don’t cheat yourself!

Keeping track of the WODs is a way you can see how far you have came and progress as an athlete. The Zen Planner app is a quick and easy way of doing so, if you have question you can always ask a coach how to navigate the application. Being honest is big! Be true to yourself and the rest will follow.

  • Scream, yell, grunt, sweat, do your best!

CrossFit is a loud and fulfilling sport. Do not be afraid to channel your inner beast!

  • Return equipment, clean your area

A clean gym is a healthy gym. Respect the equipment and clean up your area for the next class.

  • Brag about CrossFit to Everyone!

When you go to work and your coworker ask “are you okay? why are you walking like that?” and you tell them about your CrossFit workout from the previous day! Embrace it and brag about it.

  • Have Fun! Smile! Another WOD complete



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